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Hammocks from Japan

Our cooperation with "Hammock Evolve" dates back the Year 2003 and we have worked together on many occasions with different projects. Most notable some best selling designs such as "Wisconsin" and "Eclipse" and most recently "Flashback" which we are reproducing with their friendly permission.

Tight weave

Recently we exchanged samples of our most advanced products. And we got 4 samples of their "Festa" hammocks. We are most impressioned by what Hammock Evolve has come up with !!! They are very nice hammocks, although very different from what we produce. The material is thick string acrylic 2 mm and the weave is very tight which together make for a very strong and stable hammock. The acrylic yarn is custom made for Hammock Evolve and also dyed to their specifications.

For the eye of the hammock they use a special stainess steel insert which gives this part a special look and strength.

Beeing "Japan made" means that the quality is absolutely spotless. Beeing made with thick rain and sunproof acrylic yarn, these hammocks are indestructible even when beeing abused .

But most stunning are the colour designs:



These hammock are made for the Japanese market which emphasizes "Quality" over "Price" contrary to EU or US where price is everything. Accordingly these hammocks cost more than twice the price of our V-Hammocks. For this extra price these hammock are almost indestructible and will last for many decades, even if used by children or pets.

If you are interested in these hammocks please contact our local representative.

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