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V Weave Hammock 


  • The Rolls Royce of hammocks, featuring for the first time the sensational and unique new "V"-weaving style.  

  • The most beautifull hammock on the market, with colours coming alive when the hammock is moved.

  • It takes and expert weaver up to 14 days to make this hammock with several Km of top quality Acrylic yarn and over 60'000 loops.

  • Extra large size, 100% rain and sunproof, and the most comfortable by far.

  • Length overall 3,95m - Bed length 2,25 m - width approx 2,2,m

  • Weight 1600 gramm

  • Material: Cotton spun acrylic triple yarn 3x 16/2/2

  • Unique assymetric 4 x 3/1/4 weaving techniqe

Please click on the Hammock to see the name of that style and to enlarge image.

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