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Hammock Weavers Cooperative

Chiang Kong, Thailand

Good ideas, it's our business!
What started with a few rolls of yarn has today become a business selling thousands of hammocks every year, skillfully and artfully woven by over 150 local weavers.
Every hammock you buy will bring many hours of relaxation for you, and much needed employment for us!
A Way Out Of Poverty
employment for impoverished marginalized tribal
Hello my name is Jiam.  I consider myself lucky to have this work I’m specialist for cotton hammocks and sitting hammocks.
I never learned to make other styles but these two I can do faster and better than anybody else. For me it would be impossible to work anywhere else, so making hammocks is the only way to make income, and it’s most welcome as my husband is handicapped and making only minimal wage. Without the income from hammock making our situation would be desperate.
employment for impoverished marginalized tribal
Hello my name is Foi
And I enjoy the challenge of learning about hammocks. I am one of the few who joined only two years ago. I also have to work with my husband’s business, but that leaves plenty of time for making hammocks. I did not learn easily and it’s only now that I’m starting to get fluent in making fine yarn hammocks. 
The income from making hammocks is most welcome, as I am supporting my grandson who is a  special needs child.
Challenging & Rewarding
artisan employment positive impact on community
Hello my name is Khong Kham, and I have a good reason to smile ! After 8 years of hammock making I can make V-hammocks several times faster than a novice, and as we are paid by the hammock that makes a very good salary.  Add to this the independence of working at home, and doing something that I really enjoy and you get the picture. For this I gladly help Phranee with teaching novices and solving the occasional production problem.​
Supportive Environment
Thai tribal crafts fair trade hammock
In the past years we have twice been awarded a prize for “most outstanding small business” by our local government. Once every 3 months we hold a meeting with all our weavers where we discuss technical and other important points. We also have an emergency fund for hardship cases, and any profits left at the end of the year are distributed to everybody.
Supporting Families
a way out of poverty and alternative employment
Hello my name is Son,
And I like to make hammocks. I’m a farmers wife and making hammocks fills the days with nothing to do and provides a bit of financial mobility. What I like about this work is that I can work at home and weave only when I want and that there is no “boss” to look over my shoulder.  The income from hammock making helps get my two children through higher education.
Creating Opportunities For The Disadvantaged
a way out of poverty and alternative employment
Hello my name is Nui,
I am from the Khamu ethnic minority. Because of it’s remote location it is difficult to find work in our village. Me and my 5 colleagues are therefore happy to find an occupation working at home making hammocks. Being a hilltribe means being at the bottom of the social ladder and earning a salary like this, makes a huge difference for all of us. The eyeglasses I'm wearing have been paid for by our hardship fund.
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