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Thank you !

A big thank you to our friends Kamala of "Webcraft Asia" and to Obey and Jemma of "Obey Leesin Photography", for making this very special website possible.

Since the start up of our new and revised website on May 17 we have noted vastly increased domestic sales, and serious interest by several wholesalers from overseas. - Exactly the groups we want to target. On all search engines our page is top ranked, thanks to Kamala’s SEO work.

So far the increase in sales is over 35%, and we expect to recover our investment within less than a year. – And everybody agrees that this site looks good !

Kamala’s cleaver arrangements of titles, text and pictures as well as her own creative input is what put’s the “spark” into our website.

Webcraft Asia is based in Cambodia but works worldwide thanks to netphones and chatlines. Services include website design, graphic design, content writing, SEO and SEM, channel manager, booking engine, front office and photography. If you want to establish a profitable web presence look no further.

Obey, supported by his charming wife Jemma, has turned industrial photography into an art form with his unique style, capturing what he calls the “heart” of his subjects. In our case not only the shapes and colours of hammocks and hammock making, but also the pride and enthusiasm of the people involved.

Obey Leesin is based in Chiang Mai North Thailand. His fields of expertise include

catalogues, menu’s, weddings, sport, nature, art, postcards, brochures, events, food, process

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