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And we are the only ones worldwide to use this yarn. – And that is because we are the only ones to have a factory nearby that produces this material. This may sound strange, as there are zillions of acrylic products such as T-shirts and sweaters made by thousands of yarn factories. However to make hammocks it takes a very special grade of acrylic yarn, the usual threads will not do. It has to be much heavier and stonger than the standard material used by the clothing industry and with a special set of physical properties .

What a great surpise it was to discover that in our neighbourhood there was one factory producing a very special grade of acrylic called “cotton spun” . Originally intended for crochet and embroidery work, this yarn proved to be more than ideal for hammock making. All the physical properties such as strength and elasticity, colourfastness, moisture pickup and abrasion are just like they need to be for a good hammock yarn, but with the added benefit of being water and sun resistant unlike cotton or other materials. And more, due to weight reasons we had to use our yarn in triple thread configuartion which proved to be a blessing as it allows us to work with 3 different colours in one yarn.We are the only ones to use this on a regular basis.

This yarn is called “cotton spun” because it is made from microscopically small fibers which under the microscopes look exactly like cotton fibres. These fibres are then spun into a thread using the same procees that is also used for cotton spinning. The resulting yarn looks like cotton, feels like cotton and also has similar properties. However contrary to cotton, acrylic yarn is rain and sunproof, and resists to mold, chemicals. rot and mildrew. Another plus of acrylic yarn is that it easily absorbs colour dyes with colours that are almost fadeproof



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