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Resort Hammock 


 Everybody happy all the time!



For public use in resort, camping ground, and playground


This hammock is made for heavy duty use, but also has all the advantages of our standard product line;  e.g. huge in size, comfortable due to the special weaving technique used, and resistant to rain and sun.. Fine yarn hammocks may require some  care and attention just like a piece of furniture, and are thought of as personal hammocks. The resort hammock however  is made for public use typically in a resort, playground, or a camping ground,and is able to hold up to rough treatement by everbody using it .

This hammock is know under the nickname “superstrong” to our weavers, as it has been designed with mainly strength in mind.  The resort hammock can carry a much higher payload, but much more, each single yarn is able to resist a force almost 10 times bigger than a standard fine hammock, and can not be torn by even the strongest person. . Pulling yarns with knobs or keychains is a relatively common occurrence in fine yarn hammocks but in this hammock the yarns will not allow to be pulled beyond a certain limit. Resistance to fire and burning cigarettes is also increased .

The special weave is  of a higher density e.g. smaller loop size, to further increase strength and to ensure that yarns resist pulling even more.

We have chosen this yarn carefully to offer the best compromise between comfort and strength.

Tech. Spec's:

TRADITIONAL STYLE: Length overall 3,95 m - Bed length 2,25m - Width > 2 m - Weight 1,700gramm

Made with Nylon high strength mix yarn, multispun, hi-white

Special 2/1/3 weaving technique for high strength

SITTING HAMMOCK: Length 2 m - bed width 1,10 m - width overall  2,80m - Weight 1500 gramm

Made with Nylon hi-strength mix yarn, multispun, hi white

Special high density weave

Please click on the Hammock to see the name of that style and to enlarge image.

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