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Hammock Art (limited editions)


Hammock Art Limited Edition


Unique yarn material, outstanding skills and creativity combine in a masterpiece that goes far beyond just being a handicraft, it's a piece of art!


Each hammock is unique, featuring some exotic weaving and colouring techniques, such as “Moiree” “inversion weaving” or “Multipattern Variweave”,   all of them with truly spectacular und previously unseen results !


Only our best weavers are able to make these masterpieces, which take much longer to produce than any of our standard hammocks.


Each of our limited edition hammocks starts with a concept. The hammock artist observes or imagines events, sights, sounds or emotions and then tries to express them through the patterns and colours of her hammocks. 

the best hammock
unique rare special hammock

Please click on the Hammock to see the name of that style and to enlarge image.

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