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Handmade hammock online
Hammock Art, Thailand
Buy hammocks online
Hammock Art, Thailand
Hammock Art Handmade
Hammock Art, Thailand
happy hammocking
Hammock Distributor
Happy hammocking !
teaching the next generation
Hammock Art, Thailand
Acrylic perforamance yarn

 Beyond Handicrafts... It's   

Hammock Art  

Handmade with love by the artists of Chiang Kong Hammock weaver group and Thatorn Tribal weavers. We are proud to bring you the best hammocks on the market.

 Hammock Art Cooperative   

What started with a few rolls of yarn has today become a business selling thousands of hammocks every year, skillfully and artfully woven by over 150 local weavers.


Every hammock you buy will bring many hours of relaxation for you, and much needed employment for us! 

 handwoven thai hammock, worked with Mlabri tribe jumbohammock

 Our story   

About 30 Years ago a Swiss textile engineer named Peter Schmid was riding through the hills of North Thailand on his motocross bike. He came into contact with the local hill tribe communities  and was impressed by their outstanding skills in weaving the most intricate patterns by hand. In an inspired moment he decided to teach them how to weave hammocks, a skill previously unknown in Thailand.  He has spent many years teaching hill tribe people how to make hammocks and helping them find markets for their products.

 Our difference  

Our hand crafted hammocks are of superior quality to any other hammock you have seen. Acrylic yarn is a very unique hammock material, with many benefits which include, weather fastness, colour fastness, super strength, and unbelievably soft comfort. Each hammock is hand crafted by a skilled Lahu weaver with up to 4km of yarn. The end result is a hammock like you have not yet experienced. Moulding to the shape of your body, the thousands of loops allow air to permeate through the material.  Two adults are easily accomodated. 

We are confident that our hammocks are of superior quality to anything else available worldwide.

Relax, Be Happy and make your friends envious with one of these premium quality hammocks.

 worked with Mlabri tribe jumbohammock art thailand

What our customers say about our hammocks!  

Mr. Pom Manager Holiday Resort

Koh Mak Island Thailand

YESS !!!  Perfect hammock !

In my Holiday resort there's one hanging on every bungalow, and my customers like them so much, that most of them buy one to take home with them.

Jade Thomas


I've been in a lot of hammocks and these are most definitely the most comfortable and the quality is of the highest standard. Very hard to get out of - you can lose hours and hours! 

Oimei Duong

Designer "Pillows for Peace"

This is a great hammock, HUGE, and unbelievably soft and comfortable. great value for money, and great service also.

Yvetta Di Montecapra

Painter Sculptor

Beeing an artist myself I can even more appreciate how Phranee and her "hammock art" team have taken "traditional" hammockmaking one big step further.

Lucas Kurth

Hammock Tester Germany

Wenn es um Qualität geht, sprengt die handgewebte Netzhängematte aus Thailand wirklich alle Rekorde. Eine mit so viel Liebe gemachte Hängematte ist mir bisher noch nicht untergekommen.

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Our hammocks
Travel hammock Thailand, Mexican Mayan hammock style


Travel Jumbo


  • Weatherproof ! Ideal for backpackers and campers

  • Lightweight, only 850 g, fits into every travel bag.

  • Fits one adult comfortably, strong enough for two.

  • Handmade in 4 days with over 2 Km of yarn and more than 30'000 loops.

  • We are the only ones to use top quality spun Acrylic triple yarn.

  • The most comfortable hammock on the market.

Super Jumbo


  • Weatherproof, ideal for your garden.

  • Larger version of the Travel jumbo, this hammock fits two people comfortably.

  • Handmade by an expert tribal weaver in up to 7 days, using several Km of spun acrylic performance yarn and comprising over 50'000 woven loops.

  • The largest selection of beautyfull colour designs created by our resident artists.

Super jumper huge hammock, Hammock Art Thailand, Hammock cooperative Thailand
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V Weave


  • The Rolls Royce of hammocks ! We are the only ones worldwide to feature this hammock style !

  • Features for the first time ever, the new sensational V- WEAVING technique, that makes the colours come alive when the hammock is moved.

  • It takes a specialist hilltribe weaver up to 14 days to complete the hammock with over 90,000 loops and several Kilometers of  Acrylic spun yarn.

  • Family size, rain and sun-proof 

  • The most comfortable hammock you can buy !

Hammock Art Thailand, buy hammock online handmade mexican


Hammock Chair


  • Rest and relax in this beautifull and very comfortable hammock chair.

  • Its  easy to find a place for the sitting hammock. You can hang it from only one point in the ceiling, or from two points and it requires only a minimum amount of space.

  • Handmade in more than 2 days. – Making this hammock requires outstanding manual skills, only a few specialists worldwide are able to make them.

  • “Hard to find” even in Mexico. Only we have them available in all colours and designs.

  • It's FULL SIZE , you can stretch out in the hammock .

Hammock Art Thailand, top quality luxury hammock art


Hammock Art

Special Limited Editions


  • Unique yarn material, outstanding skills and creativity combine in a masterpiece that goes far beyond just being a handicraft, it's a piece of art!

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