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How a Hammock Is Made  

Beyond handicrafts... It's Hammock Art!

To start making a hammock we need a hammock making “rack”, which the local ironshop welds for us from water pipes. It’s much simpler than even the most simple traditional weaving loom, but demands much more skills from the weaver, such as patience and determination and just like any other art “talent”

The yarn we use is either  cotton (domestic use only) or our special “acrylic cotton spun triple yarn”. We are very lucky to have this yarn available only to us, as it is the  most suitable for hammockmaking. It is strong, water and sun resistant soft like the softest cotton, and comes in vibrant colours which remain fresh for a long time. Using triple yarn also allows us to work with mix  colour yarn for so called “moiree” work.

Now the yarn needs to be wound into balls or  shuttles which is done manually or  with a modified drilling machine.

Ready to start the hammock the weaver will first draw 2 “sleeper” yarns and then wind the so –called dancer yarn around it. This is repeated many times as the hammock grows.

Just weaving away is not an option, the weaver has to ensure that the hammock is regular in every direction, has to follow the colour recipe and strictly avoid making even the smallest weaving mistake.  

Many days later the woven part of the hammock, the so-called “bed” is finished, now the non-woven part of the hammock has to be attached. For this another smaller rack is used and the yarn wound around it.  Finally the  eyes have to be wound,the part where the hammock will be attached to the hanging points such as tree’s or beams.

Last but not  least, very strict quality control ensures that the hammock can go out to the customer without any  worries.

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