Travel & Super Jumbo

  • Travel Jumbo version designed for camping and carrying around easily. Smaller version of the Superjumbo

  • Handmade in 4 days with 100% weatherproof Acrylic triple yarn, for outdoor use

  • Fits one adult comfortably . OK for two.

  • Built to last with a level of comfort that has to be experienced to be believed

  • Overall Length 3.65 m - Bed length 1,95 m

  • Width >2.00 m Weight 850 gramm

  • Material: ACRYLIC cotton spun triple yarn

  • 1/1 Interloop  Weave with 33000 loops



  • SuperJumbo style is for garden and home use. Larger version of the Travel Jumbo.

  • Handmade in 7 days with 100 % sun and rain-proof acrylic triple yarn. Colours will stay bright for many years,

  • Jumbo size fit's two persons comfortably.

  • Large catalogue of designs and colours not seen anywhere else.

  • Overall length 3.95 m -  bed length 2,25m

  • Width > 2,20 m  Weight 1150 gramm

  • Material ACRYLIC yarn cotton spun

  • 1/1 Interloop weave with 45000 loops

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Irish graduated

Also available in standard version

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